Investment Themes

At 3737 North, we believe that businesses should focus on profitability alongside creating a social impact. Hence, we have chosen a set of five investment areas that combine technology and business to create a social impact.

These are Agritech, Clean Tech, Ed tech, Software and IoT and Food Tech. Within each of these sectors, we see tremendous potential for startups to inscribe social values as one of the foundations to business, while aiming at scaling profitably.

Ag Tech

An ever-growing population and diminishing resources have pressurized the food sector as a whole. Ag Tech is a cornerstone of modern food cultivation methods and will play a pivotal role in solving the global food crisis within a sustainable framework.

At 3737 North, Ag Tech includes the end-to-end agriculture value chain of production, cultivation, harvesting, processing, warehousing and sale to the end consumer. From Ag Tech perspective, we have classified this value chain under three stages:


Production level Ag tech includes technology based ideas that optimize resources used for crop production (land, water, labour, seeds, fertilizers), improve yield at as sustainable rate and address farmers’ existing challenges.

This includes product based ideas such as soil and crop tech, bioenergy, bio materials and bio chemicals, indoor agriculture, sensors and IoT for precision farming and process based ideas around farming-as-a-service, farm automation, farm management solutions and fin-tech for farmers.


This the the most important stage of Agriculture where maximum wastage occurs both upstream and downstream, particularly due to lack of infrastructure and efficient supply chain systems. Ideas around efficient produce aggregation (low wastage, higher shelf life), storage (warehouse and cold storage automation) and supply chain optimization (traceability, reduced wastage, scalability) will be highly efficient in addressing these key issues.


This is the final stage of processing and making the produce available to the final consumer. This includes ideas around packaging technology, food processing and preserving, farmer’s marketplaces and food ecommerce.

Technology ideas within all three segments, especially, farmer’s marketplace, processing and supply chain optimization and packaging technologies currently under-served. We aim to support technology enabled ideas that improve yield, optimize production, warehousing, packaging and supply chain processes, in turn reducing reducing wastage and maximizing return for farmers and others in the value chain.

Clean Tech

Environmental conservation has been a major concern of this century. A number of reforms and protocols have tried to set standards straight for conservation across the globe, although, to a minimum effect. In this scenario, Clean-tech has started demonstrating high potential to conserve resources and optimize their use in a general business environment.

Clean tech includes any technology driven business that aims at conserving, optimizing and reusing resources while supporting the needs of urban and rural development.

Clean-Tech includes:

Energy Storage and utilization

Technology led businesses that utilize renewable and clean energy sources such as Solar energy, wind energy, wave and tidal energy, clean coal, clean fuel, carbon capture and sequestration. It also includes energy storage solutions, converting energy from waste, IoT based energy efficiency solutions such as smart-grids and smart metering technologies.

Electric automotive infrastructure

This includes next generation electric vehicles that have the capacity to store solar and wind energy, battery technologies, fuel cells technologies, automated vehicle monitoring systems that facilitate fuel efficiency through route optimization, share commute options and efficient vehicle maintenance.

Smart city enabling technologies

This includes technologies that will support a micro environment such as smart buildings, building automation, HVAC, windows, insulation, home energy management, smart appliances, and smart lighting technologies. However, at a macro level, Internet of Things and Narrow Band IoT network infrastructure will play critical role in setting up smart connected cities. Technologies that aim at connecting and monitoring transportation systems, public utility and administrative functions and city/state emergency services, buildings and vehicle traffic systems to ultimately optimize system resources and minimize costs will be the coveted businesses.

Water treatment & reclamation technologies

Technologies that facilitate smart water meters, waste water management, desalination, smart water pipes and rain water harvesting

While various clean tech start-ups have come to fore with great social impact, they are underserved by risk capital owing to concerns over sustainable growth, measurable impact on environment and scalability of business. We aim to support those business ideas that have the potential to demonstrate a measurable impact on environment while supporting rapid development at a profitable level.

Health Tech

Healthcare sector was one of the first to be positively impacted by technology. However, deteriorating health conditions, aging population and dearth of medical practitioners has put pressure on the existing healthcare systems across the globe.
HealthTech comes as a much needed advancement in current medical processes starting from diagnostics, patient care management, drug discovery, surgical and other medical care equipment and health records. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have further evolved the overall Heath Tech space to include prosthetics, genetic engineering, robotic medicine dispensers and highly accurate diagnostic assistants.

Health Tech is a big focus for 3737 North Capital because of its potential to rapidly evolve and impact society at large. Moreover, the products and solutions being highly oriented towards select functional areas, it is important that these business ideas are well rounded from operations and business point of view.

We have identified the following areas of heath tech that offer lucrative opportunities for startups
Medical records
Patient Medical records has been a topic of discussion over past few years but little has been achieved from technology and business stand point. Technologies that enable Patient medical records, e-records, pre and post diagnosis health tracking, preventive healthcare and monitoring solutions, automated check-up reminders, end-to-end record keeping are critical to automate and optimize the patient medical records in order to provide steady, consistent and proactive health services.
Elderly care value chain
This includes technology based specialty services for elders such as telemedicine, remote diagnostics, remote/automated monitoring and home-installed sensors, online shops that curate medical supplies for elders only and senior living centres.
Drug delivery & supply-chain
This includes technology led innovations in drug procurement, transportation, sensor based tracking, optimizing supply chain and offering flexible and alternate methods to deliver drugs to end consumers and hospitals. This also includes innovations in drug packaging such as smart pill bottles that enable adherence to drug intake.
Efficiency in new drug discovery/development
Big data, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have paved way for new methods of drug discovery and biopharma. There is huge opportunity for innovative start-ups that demonstrate potential in discovering and developing drugs cost effectively with minimum clinical trials and lower time to market.
Innovation in (portable) medical care equipment
3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics has led a wave in prosthetics and medical care equipment. Technology led ideas that promise automating diagnostics, treatment and monitoring processes while improving accuracy and precision in various areas of medical care are highly desirable.

We aim to support Health Tech companies that belong to the above said categories or intend to make breakthroughs in affordable healthcare diagnostics and cure.

Software and IoT

Within the Software and IoT segment, we focus on wide spectrum of advanced digital technologies that help create new business, operational and delivery models. This includes disruptive technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and IoT. Apart from supporting the key themes supported by 3737 North, these technologies will be pivotal in next phase of business evolution including Industries, Services and Primary sectors.

Big Data Analytics

Includes ideas around capturing, optimizing, monetizing big data environments such as real-time analytics, monitoring and complex events processing. Despite the prevalence of this trend there is gap in the market in terms of product and technology stacks, price and implementation.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence lay the foundation for process automation in various industries such as Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, Defence/Aerospace and other Engineering sectors. Representative learning, unsupervised learning, deep learning and neural network based technologies that fuel Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be focus areas of investment.


The Internet of Things has already begun showcasing its prowess in various Tech themes supported by us. The promise to maximise efficiencies at optimum cost and resources has been proved in many areas. Hence, any business ideas with potential to use IoT as a disruptive force in any sector or business is a key focus area for investment.

Ed Tech

Burgeoning Millennial population and proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet has transformed the way of living for a majority of population. The digital natives have entirely different methods of learning and consuming content. This includes school and college students as well as corporate and executive students who have limited attention spans owing to multi-tasking and information overload.

Ed Tech includes a wide spectrum of technology-led start-ups focussing on the whole value chain beginning from flexible education loans, online tutoring, online counselling, Online test preparation, edutainment, smart classes and MooC (Massive Online Open Content).

3737 North is focused at investing in start-ups that work at either institutional level of education or at corporate learning, training and development.

MooC is one of the top priorities wherein we are looking at businesses that address the existing learning and development challenges of organisations by offering always available, custom content in relevant formats (bite-sized, gamified, quiz and community based learning). Apart from university led MooC programs, the real breakthrough we are looking at is the professional development program automation and effectiveness at corporate level.